Metalcare Rolling Oil Helps Nanshan Aluminum Achieve Further Success

At the beginning of 2016, Metalcare reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Nanshan Aluminum, and the group uses all Metalcare hot rolling oil to replace imported rolling oil. The total annual output of Nanshan Aluminum's rough and finish rolling is more than 800,000 tons, and the products cover most of the alloys from 1-series to 8-series.

In 2017, Nanshan Aluminum established strategic cooperation with the world's automobile manufacturers and successfully achieved the batch supply of automotive sheet products, and passed the engineering certification of Boeing 7050AMS aviation sheet, becoming the qualified supplier of Boeing aviation sheet in China and has officially supplied. As an important auxiliary material for aluminum alloy sheet and strip production process, Maxtor Kiel Rolling Oil, with its excellent application performance, provides strong support for Nanshan Aluminum's annual production of more than 800,000 tons of high-quality aluminum alloy sheet and strip, and effectively reduces production costs and improves product quality, which has been highly evaluated by Nanshan Aluminum.

(1) Better sheet quality:

After using Metalcare rolling oil, the plate surface quality has been further improved on the original basis, and the problems such as black spots and black lines, aluminum sticking at the edges and slight color difference that existed before have been improved, and the overall uniformity of plate surface quality and anodic oxidation level have been enhanced. Through the full cooperation of both technical teams, the process lubrication has reached a good state, especially for the carbide which has more significant requirements for rolling lubrication. The excellent product performance not only meets the rolling requirements of a variety of alloys, but also meets the higher process requirements of Nanshan Aluminum to reduce the number of passes, increase the amount of press down and improve the rolling speed.

(2) Lower fuel consumption:

After Nanshan Aluminum's four emulsion systems use Metalcare rolling oil, the technical teams of both sides have worked together to reduce the rolling oil consumption to different degrees than before, which correspondingly also significantly reduces the waste liquid disposal volume, thus bringing considerable economic benefits to Nanshan Aluminum.

(3) Better technical services:

The comprehensive service is greatly strengthened, the emulsion maintenance management is more refined, and the response to site requirements is more rapid and effective, which is highly evaluated by Nanshan Aluminum.