Good News: Maxtor Kiel Aluminum Rolling Oil Project Receives Another Good Report



Ltd. was invited to participate in the project of restoring and improving the surface quality of the finishing line of "hot rolling 1+4" of Henan Wanda Aluminum Co. At the beginning of the project, Metalcare sent its technical team to the site to conduct field research and learn more about the process, equipment, emulsion status, existing plate quality, etc. After thorough communication and demonstration, a specific commissioning plan was formulated, and a finishing rolling oil with excellent performance was specially developed for the site.

During the commissioning process, the technical teams of both sides worked closely together and carried out a number of tasks from various aspects such as emulsion adjustment and optimization, process stability, etc. At present, after nearly one month of trial, the quality of Wanda Aluminum's hot-rolled plate surface has been significantly improved compared with the previous period, and the project has been a complete success. Wanda Aluminum fully affirmed the project results and highly appreciated the product quality and technical capability of Metalcare. Both sides reached an agreement on long-term strategic cooperation.